What we offer ​

The afternoon programme runs every day that schools are open. We begin picking up children from 2:30 pm. Our closing time for this programme is 6.00 pm Monday to Friday.

When the children arrive at the centre, they are given a healthy afternoon tea of sandwiches, fruit, a biscuit and a drink. Filtered water is always available for everyone. 

If your child has allergies or special dietary needs, we will endeavour to accommodate them. This needs to be discussed with the supervisor at time of registering.

When afternoon tea is over, the children can choose from several different activities such as, Sport or Play outside, Play in the hall, watching a DVD, doing an art/craft activity that is chosen for the day, or playing on the computers. 

ASAP has an extensive range of resources for our kids. We are always looking to the needs of our different age groups and supplying age appropriate play/activities.

Times and transport

We start picking the children up from 2:30 for the schools that have to be transported via vans. We have three vans and a car running in the afternoon that service the following schools:​​

North Street
Lytton Street
St Josephs


We operate a walking school bus to Manchester Street School. 

Fee Structure 

The cost for care in the Afternoon programme is as follows:

Hourly rate is $7.25. The following charges are for families that are NOT on OSCAR Subsidy. 

The first hour is always the full charge of $7.25 whether you use the full hour or not. For example, if you pick your child up at 3:45 pm,  you will be charged from for a full hour. 

All charges after the first hour of care are charged out in quarter hour increments regardless of booking time.  We only charge for the time you use.

If your child is away on any given day, there is a one hour minimum charge of $6.95 for the booking. The exception to this rule is if your child is going to be away for a length of time and you have given us advance notification of this, you will not incur a charge. 


You are charged for the time booked in regardless of whether you use it or not. We receive subsidy for your time with us therefore we are required to charge you for the time you have booked in for. 

To see whether you qualify for OSCAR Subsidy and for details of the thresholds for Subsidy please use the following links:

Do I qualify?


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