What we offer ​​

Our holiday programme runs for both weeks of the term break and two weeks in the January holiday break. We also run a holiday programme just before Christmas to accommodate the different times that schools finish. 

Our programmes are jam packed with stuff to do and we promise to send them home tired and ready for a quiet night.

We offer a varied programme that accomodates all ages. 

We open at 6:30 am and closing time is 6.00pm. 

Please check out the latest itinerary below. 

Fee structure

The cost for care in the Holiday Programme is a flat rate as follows:​

​Daily rate                      $50.00​​
Half Day Rate               $26.00

Additional activity charges may apply, depending on the activity, for any trips away from the Centre, however these are advised in advance. 

The cancellation of any Holiday Programme booking must be made no later than the Wednesday before the week's programme is due to start to ensure that you do not incure any penalty fees. 

Due to the fact that staffing levels will have been set and resources will have been purchase, any cancellations after that day will incur a Half Day charge. 

However, if you have been approved for OSCAR Subsidy, we receive subsidy for your time booked with us therefore we are required to charge you for the time you have booked in and accordingly a full day charge will apply.  


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