The morning programme started about two years after we opened our doors. We found that there was a pressing need for Before School care for parents who were starting work befor​e children were dropped off to school. 

What we offer​​

Start time for the morning is 6:30 am. Parents can bring in cereal or bread and we will supply milk, sugar and spreads for breakfasts. We also supply Milo's to warm up if needed. 

There is usually a good craft activity going. We do realise that children are sometimes just waking up when they come to us. We have a comfortable DVD room available, also computer games, lego and of course outside play weather permitting.   

The mornings are also a great time to do homework and our supervisors are ready and willing to help with this. 

Times and transport

For those who need to be transported to schools via the vans, we start getting the children ready to go to at 8:15 am. We have two vans running in the morning that service the following schools:

North Street
Lytton Street
St Josephs

We operate a walking school bus to Manchester Street School. 

Fee structure

The cost for care in the morning programme is as follows:

Hourly rate is $7.25. the following charges are for families that are NOT on OSCAR Subsidy. 

The first hour is always the full charge of $7.25 whether you use the full hour or not. For example, if you drop your child off at 8:00 am, you will be charged from 7:30 to 8:30 am. 

All charges after the first hour of care are charged out in quarter hour increments regardless of booking time. We only charge for the time you use.

If your child is away on any given day, there is a minimum one hour charge of $6.95 for the booking. The exception to this rule is if your child is going to be away for a length of time, and you have given us advance notification of this, you will not incur a charge. 


You are charged for the time booked in regardless of whether you use it or not. We receive subsidy for your time with us therefore we are required to charge you for the time you have booked in for. 

To see whether you qualify for OSCAR Subsidy and for details of the thresholds for Subsidy please use the following links:

Do I qualify?


What are the thresholds and subsidy limits?



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